The ball money concept is very similar to the car wash concept.
The customer has a few different pricing models for refilling their card. The smaller the size of the refill, the smaller "extra amount" is added to the washing card. When the car needs to be washed, you choose between different types of washes, and your card gets charged exactly the same as if you had bought the wash with a normal credit card. The only difference is, that your card has an "extra amount" because you made a larger purchase.
Step 1
You have to figure out, how many different bucket-sizes the golf ball dispenser can handle. Most can handle three or more. If you don't know, send a picture of the board inside the dispenser, then we can help you figure it out.
Step 2
You have to decide on:

  • How many bucket-sizes you want (max 4)
  • How big the bucket sizes are (how many balls)
  • The price for each bucket size. (As the discount is given via the "extra amount" in step 3, we see a lot of clubs, which don't give a special discount, or none at all, so the price per ball is approximately the same.

Step 3
You have to decide on, which Top-Up products you want:
An example could be:
200kr. + 20kr. extra (10% extra)
500kr. + 100kr. extra (20% extra)
1.000kr. + 300kr. extra (30% extra)
These products can be set up to the following:

  • The product is NOT sold in the app, only staff can do the refill.
  • The product is sold in the app, but ONLY to members.
  • The product is sold to EVERYONE in the app

You can have as many types of products as you wish.
Step 4
Which types of special ball cards do you need: (All the propositions below has a date of validity)

  • Does anyone need completely free balls?
  • Does anyone need free balls, with the restriction, that you can only spend X ball money in Y minutes? This way, you make the ball card personal, so it can't be shared with everyone on the range.
  • Does anyone need a bonus for X ball money? Some clubs give out e.g 500 ball money in bonus every year to its members. If they use more than the 500 ball money, they have to refill themselves for the rest. Our system will always use the bonus before they use the "regular ball money".

For all the above-mentioned solutions, it is possible to import an Excel/CSV - file from e.g GolfBox. After which there shortly after, will be sent out an email to everyone on the list, explaining that they have now received their bonus or (virtual) ball card.