Welcome to the guide showing you how to use the GolfMore driving range system.
This guide is only in English at the moment, for ease of use, I recommend you to set your language to English in the top right of the page.
To begin, go to https://admin.golfmore.eu/ and log in using your credentials. Then go to the Driving Range dashboard.
Let's start by going through the settings, they should look like this:
In the bottom half, you can manage the admins, by creating new ones, or editing or deleting existing ones.
The "Location settings" are settings specific to each location. There should be an email address and a cell number, where, respectively an email and an SMS will be sent to, should the driving range system go offline. It is possible to have multiple alarm emails or phone numbers, simply put them in separate lines.

In the "General settings," you set the primary and secondary language for your club.
"Alarm after X minutes offline" decides after how many minutes you should be alerted that the driving range system is offline. It takes the system approximately five minutes to react so you should add that to your number. If, for example, "Alarm after X minutes offline" is set to 3, it takes approximately eight minutes until you get notice.
"Number of basket sizes" decides the number of different basket sizes you can use and edit in the "prices" tab.
"Dynamic prices" is a yes/no toggle that allows you to have different prices during different times of the day. You can have up to five different time slots, and they can be changed in the "prices" tab.
Go to "Top Up" in the menu near the top.
The page should now look like this:

You can see a list of Top Up products as well as Top Up bonus orders. Top Up products are a list of pre-defined products, eg. 200 kr + 40 kr in bonus. That would mean that the customer pays 200 kr, and gets credited 240 kr to his account.
There is a setting called "Portal sale"(column 6) which has three options. "No", "Yes for All" and "Yes only for members". The setting defines who is allowed to purchase the product. "No" means that only staff is allowed to purchase/give out the product. "Yes for all" means that everyone can go to the GolfMore app and purchase the product. "Yes for members" means that only members can do so.
Top Up products can be either edited or deleted in the "Action" column (column 7)

"Top Up bonus orders" is a list of the bonus credits that are currently in circulation, bonus credits are a type of credit, that gets listed next to your normal "ball money". Bonus credits have an expiry date and are used before the usual credits.
Here's an example of how to use bonus credits.
One year, a club decides to give out 500kr worth of bonus credits to its members, with an expiry date of one year. One player uses 600 kr worth of balls, once the 500kr is used, he will either have to refill his account or, if he deposited money there earlier, simply use 100 kr of these. If another player only uses 300kr worth of balls in a year, there will be 200kr left which expire.
If you want to create a new product, press "Create product" and decide how to design your product.

There are two other actions to do on this page, "Top Up - normal" and "Top Up - bonus".

"Top Up - normal" allows you to add more money to a person's account.

First, enter the persons Golf-ID or scan his NFC card, press "Search"
If the user is not in the database you will be prompted to create a new account for that user.
If he is in the database, this will show up.

The "Action" setting, lets you choose between "Add via Top-Up product" which allows you to choose between one of the Top-Up products I showed you how to make earlier.
The other action, "Add specific amount", allows you to choose whichever amount you wish. This also allows you to enter a negative amount, which allows you to deduct ball money from a person's account.

Let's go back to the "Top Up" page, and instead, click "Top Up - Bonus".

You should now be here.
This page allows you to give out bonus credits. It will often be needed to give out bonus credits to multiple people, which is easy to do on this page.
To begin, decide if you want to give out a number of credits, or instead give out free balls until a specified date. If you want to give out free balls, click the checkbox saying "Free balls" and decide on some limitations for the free balls. You can leave the fields blank, but it might be useful if you make sure the free ball privilege doesn't get abused, and the recipient doesn't give out free balls to everyone on the driving range.
If you instead simply want to give out bonus credits, simply enter the amount next to "Amount to Top Up" and leave "Free balls" unchecked.
You now have to indicate, who you want to give out the bonus to.

There are multiple ways of doing this. You can do it manually, by entering either the Golf-ID, Email-address, name or scanning the person's NFC card. If the person is in the database, after entering only one of the above, you can click "Add new", and the person is now on the list. Repeat until everyone is listed.
If you want to top up many people, it will often be easier to upload a file. If they are union members, simply upload a spreadsheet document (excel) with the union numbers of the people you want to top up.
If they are not union members, make a list with their email addresses, names, and NFC-numbers of the cards they will be using.

Above is an example of how it could look.
After entering this you will get prompted with this message.

It is important that you assign the correct values. In the example above, all but "NFC-card" are filled out correctly. I, therefore, click the dropdown next to "NFC-card and choose the correct value.
It should now look like this:

If you're done, click "Top-Up bonus".
You can now choose the message you want to send with the credits.

In the image above, I have written some texts to be sent out, the upper one comes with the email sent, and the lower one comes as a push notification on the GolfMore app.
You can save the messages as templates if you think you might reuse them at a later point, simply check "Add this message as a template". And when you want to use it again press "View saved templates"
If you want to address the recipients personally, you can write "%name%" and the recipients' full name will appear there when they receive the email.
If you are giving out free balls, we have made templates for you to copy and paste.
Danish template
English template
The email will look like this:

Obviously with the real amounts, and "%club_name%" replaced with the club name and so on.
At the bottom of the email, the message you have written earlier will appear.

Now, let's go to "Prices"

On the left side, you can see the "Code settings", these are the settings for the standard code one can buy. The standard "Product text" is "One bucket of balls". These can all be edited by clicking the "Edit" button.
On the right side, you can see the different basket prices that are used throughout the system, it is possible to have any number of different basket sizes (the number can be changed in settings). Clicking "Edit" allows you to change the different sizes, as well as the prices of these.
Well done! You've made it through the guide.