In this guide, I will show you how to use Golfmore's Driving Range Shop Software
To start, download the program.


When downloading, if you are using a Windows PC, you will likely get prompted with this message:

The application is totally safe, to proceed with the download, press "More info".
You should then get the option "Run anyway", press that, and download will continue.
When the download is finished, open the program and login with your email and the password provided to you by Golfmore.

Next, should you wish to change the language in use, you can do so at the top right corner. 

Now, you must click the "Change Printer" button.


Under "Printer" you should choose your receipt printer.
Under "Paper Size" you should choose the paper size of your chose receipt printer.
Under "Language" you should choose the language that gets printed on your vouchers.
Click "Save" when done.
Good job! The setup is now done. Now, I will show you how to use the software.

I will start up by showing you how to give out codes for the driving range.

In this section, you can choose the settings for giving out codes.
Starting from the left;
"Number of codes" decides how many codes you make.
"Uses per code" decides how many uses each code has.
"Size" Decides how big a bucket each use of the code gives. There are a few different "sizes" to choose from.


You can now choose, how to give out the codes, you have two options:
"Send SMS". Write the phone number of the recipient in the box and press "Send SMS" the recipient will receive an SMS with the codes.
"Print code" Simply press print, and your chosen receipt printer will print out the codes, which you can then give to your customer.

If instead of giving out codes, you want to give the money to use on a card or through the Golfmore app, you have two options:

"Top Up" can be used if the customer can check off one of the following requirements:

  • Has a Golfmore account
  • Has a Driving Range card
  • Has a Golf Federation card

Otherwise, if you want to give a new card to the customer press "Connect New Card"

In this section, I will show you how "Top Up" works.

In the marked part, you choose the country of the customer, as well as either scanning their Driving Range/Golf Federation card or entering their Golf-Id or email.
Press "Submit"

After entering or scanning, the screen should look like this, where you can, among other things, check the amount of money left on the customer's account.
"NFC ID" will be empty, as shown above, if the customer doesn't have a card attributed to him yet.

Now you can choose the amount you want to add to the customer's account. If you click the leftmost dropdown menu, you can choose from a list of pre-defined amounts.
Otherwise, you can press "Enter Amount" and choose a specified amount. This will often be useful if you are importing a customer from another system who has a certain amount left from his old account.
The "Enter Amount" feature is also useful if you accidentally gave the customer too much ball money, simply enter a negative amount, and that amount will be deducted from the customer's account.
Press "Top Up" when you have chosen the correct amount.

Now, I will instead show you how to connect a new card.
First. Press "Connect New Card" on the front page.

You should now be on this page. If the customer is a member of the Golf Federation, you can enter his golf-Id, or scan his Golf Federation card. Otherwise, press "Create User"

This page can be filled with the customer's information, but otherwise can be left blank, if you simply want to issue a new card.
After entering the golf-id, or filling in the form shown above, you will be prompted to scan your card.
After you have done so, the card will be attributed to the person whose information you put in, and it should have no money on it. You will be sent to the top-up page, where you can insert money into the customer's card.
Good job! You have made it through the guide. Thank you for reading.