In this guide, I will show you how to give out free balls.

This guide is only in English at the moment, for ease of use, I recommend you to set your language to English in the top right of the page.
To begin, go to Driving Range -> Top up.
Then click Top Up - Bonus
You should now be here:

To give out free balls, simply check the free balls mark, as shown above, then decide on a date, which the balls card should expire, as well as an optional limitation on how many times it can be used within a set time frame. Eg. 30 ball money within 20 minutes. The purpose of this would be to limit abuse.

You then have to input who you want to give the balls to.

There are multiple ways of doing this. You can do it manually, by entering either the Golf-ID, Email-address, name, or scanning the person's NFC card. If the person is in the database, after entering only one of the above, you can click "Add new", and the person is now on the list. Repeat until everyone is listed.
If you want to top up many people, it will often be easier to upload a file. If they are union members, simply upload a spreadsheet document (excel) with the union numbers of the people you want to top up.
If they are not union members, make a list with their email addresses, names, and NFC-numbers of the cards they will be using.

Above is an example of how it could look.
After entering this you will get prompted with this message.

It is important that you assign the correct values. In the example above, all but "NFC-card" are filled out correctly. I, therefore, click the dropdown next to "NFC-card and choose the correct value.
It should now look like this:

If you're done, click "Top-Up bonus".
You can now choose the message you want to send with the credits.



In the image above, I have written some texts to be sent out, the upper one comes with the email sent, and the lower one comes as a push notification on the GolfMore app.
You can save the messages as templates if you think you might reuse them at a later point, simply check "Add this message as a template". And when you want to use it again press "View saved templates"
If you want to address the recipients personally, you can write "%name%" and the recipients' full name will appear there when they receive the email.
If you wish to use so, we have made templates for you to copy and paste.
Danish template
English template
The email will look like this:

Your customers have now received their free balls, well done.