Congratulations on your new ball card for the driving range.

GolfMore is made so that you can use your golf union card if you have such.

Danish union card

You can also use our mobile app GolfMore. You can download GolfMore on Google Play or the AppStore on your iPhone

Alternatively, click this button on your smartphone to download the app.

Download GolfMore

Press "Golfbox" or the corresponding button for your country. Log ind with the same credentials you use normally. GolfMore has automatically created you as a user, with the email registered in GolfBox or the corresponding system.

When you are logged in, it will look like this.

By the number 1: Here you can see your ball card, and if it has any limitations for use.

By the number 2: When you are standing in front of the ball dispenser, the button becomes active.

The only thing you have to do is pressing OK on the screen, when you have placed a basket. Afterwards press "DISPENSE NOW" in he app, and shortly after you are ready for practice.