If you haven't already downloaded the Golfmore app on your phone, click below on your phone to do so. 

Select the correct country if it isn't already correct, then make an account or log in, using your email address, or your local booking system.
After login in, your screen should look like this:

If your club is not selected, press "My Clubs" and select your club.
Now, press "Buy Driving Range Products"

You should now be able to choose from a list of products:

The products you can buy, likely won't be this cheap (=
200kr. + 40kr. extra means that you pay 200 kr and 240 ball money gets attributed to your account, an additional 20%.
Press "Top-Up now" to select the product you would like to buy.

Enter your credit card details, or press the Apple/Google pay button, to pay for the product.

If it's the first time you bought ball money, you should now get this screen.
Press "OK, thanks"

As you can see, 240 ball money has been added to my account.
Let's have a look at the different options.

1: "Dispenser number" only exists if your club has multiple dispensers, choose the one you want to use.
2: This is the basket size. Next to the basket size is the price, "1 ball money" in the example above. It likely won't be this cheap at your club (=
If you want to change any of this, press "Change options"

 Here, select the dispenser you want to use, as well as your preferred basket size.
Press "Save"

When you are satisfied with your settings, go to your chosen dispenser, place a basket, and press "OK" on the dispenser's screen. Press "Dispense now", in your app, and your bucket of balls should be ready shortly.