Stripe is one of the world’s largest and leading payment firms for online
payment. We have chosen Stripe as a payment solution due to many reasons,
but the main reason is that Stripe can connect your account with our account.
Transactions directly flow to your account, but we can save the player’s cards,
so every payment is easy.

NOTE: You can change the language at the bottom of this page

Enter your email and click “Next”.

Create a password and click “Next” (Password must be at least 10 characters).

Enter your phone number and click “Send text”

Enter the code you have received via SMS.

Download or copy the security code and click "Next".


Fill in the required information. If the club is an association, then choose "Self-governing institution" as the type of business.


Fill in the required information.
Industry: Select "Country club"
Product description: Suggested text "Selling digital vouchers for green fees and tokens for the driving range. The customers are charged during check out. Products are delivered digitally."
Click "Next" when you have filled in the required fields.

Fill in the required information and click "Next".

If your club is privately owned, you must fill in some information about the owners. Then you will access this page. If your club is an association, you don’t have to fill in information about "Business directors" - otherwise you must fill in the information.


Here you optionally can add in with more responsible club leaders. Click "Done" when you have added all persons.


Fill in and confirm your IBAN for the account where the money is to be deposited.

Fill in:
Statement descriptor: What should be on the customer's bank statement
Shortened descriptor: Enter a short abbreviation for your club name
Customer support phone number: Your phone number.
Click “Next”

Then we have come to the last step. Check that your information is correct and submit your application.
During the process you will receive 2 emails:

Click "Verify email address"

A message that you will always receive an SMS code that you must enter when logging in.
So what?
Now the club has to go through an approval procedure. When it has been approved, you will be notified. GolfMore will also be notified that the club has been linked to our account, BUT if possible, please forward the approval email to us at
Good luck with your application.