We divide the application into two steps. The application form of WorldLine is a bit confusing, so we want to help you fill it out. The first part consists of you filling out some information, as well as uploading a copy of your passport. When you press "Indsend" we will receive the information.
When we have received this information, we will insert it onto the document from WorldLine, and we will send you a PDF which we ask you to sign, and then send back a scanned copy to us at support@golfmore.dk
Fill in information for the WorldLine application - click here

You can select English in the top right corner if it isn't already selected.
You will receive one filled-out application per payment plant.
If your company has multiple locations, we need to fill out an additional form for each location. Then we will make sure it is copied in the correct fashion.
Fill out information for the location - send one for each location - click here